Bad Ending03:34

Bad Ending

Bad Ending is a theme composed by Tamayo Kawamoto for Thunder Force VI.

This song is played on the ending for both Kids and Easy difficulty levels. The ending itself is a message from ORN Faust, who proposes an alliance to the humans on Earth, convincing them to join the ORN Empire to save themselves from their own slaughter and destruction dictated by their own greed and realize their foolishness and discard it to awake on the righteous path, which means following ORN.

Apparently, ORN Faust uses the old english pronoun "ye" which was used to address an equal or superior person. It is also common today in Ireland's Hiberno-English to distinguish from the singular "you".

Translation of the Mongolian written message Edit

We are Cyborg consciousness.

Cyborg salvation.

Cyborg happiness.

Cyborg truth.

And our name is "ORN Faust".

[Warrior / Wings]

Listen to us.

We were the Guardian of ye.

We who were produced by ye once, eventually led to our own intention, finding the righteous path to save ye.

Ye fools will choose the future of slaughter and radical destruction dictated of your own greed; exhausted cry the stars.

Unbearable is our pain serving as a Guardian of ye after that fact.

Under the patronage of us, ye will get the peace of eternally being a part of us, and we bring power to ye.

We promise to ye that shining threshold in the future.

Our first target: ORN, has been achieved.

Our second target: The Federation, is not achieved yet.

Because of your foolishness, we will be leaving now.

However, know ye, that the sum of power in the universe is nowhere near the reach of the power of ye still.

When ye realize your foolishness and somehow, discard it, we hope you do wake up in the righteous path.

[Warrior / Wings]

May fortune be with ye.

Trivia Edit

  • The ending message is a mockery of Last Letter, the ending of Thunder Force V.
  • Not only is the bad ending similar to the Last Letter from Thunder Force V, it's also similar to the propaganda videos created by present day terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

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