Best of Thunder Force

The best of the Genesis Trilogy

Best of Thunder Force, also known as Technosoft GAME MUSIC COLLECTION VOL.15 ~ BEST OF THUNDER FORCE is a soundtrack featuring arranged versions of best tracks from the "Genesis Trilogy" of the Thunder Force series, along with remixes.

It was released by Tecno Soft in October 9, 1998.

The CD was released individually and bundled with the Special Pack edition of Thunder Force V for the Sega Saturn.


  1. Back to the Fire 3:19
  2. Venus Fire 4:00
  3. Truth 4:15
  4. His Behavior Inspired us with Distrust 3:37
  5. Fighting Back 3:48
  6. Battle Ship 4:31
  7. Metal Squad 4:08
  8. Silvery Light of the Moon 4:38
  9. Feel the Groove of TFII (Powered by 68k Remix) 16:02
  10. Rave to Dancing TFIII (King of MEGA DRIVER Remix) 14:49
  11. Crazy and Hot Beat of TFIV (Legend of MD Road Master Remix) 11:03


Tracks 1-4 are the Thunder Force III arranges from TCS-0006, and 5-8 the Thunder Force IV arranges from TCS-0007. Tracks 9-11 are all new megamixes.

Toshiharu Yamanishi: 1-3, 5-8, 10-11
Tomomi Otani: 4, 9-11
Naosuke Arai: 10
Omen: 11

Tsukumo Hyakutaro: 1-8
TEKTEK: 9-11