Blast Wind (ブラストウインド) is a shoot-'em-up game released exclusively in Japan for the Sega Saturn in 1997.


A nuclear shockwave has all but destroyed the entire population of Earth. The remaining humans on the planet were gathered aboard a ship called the Ark by a prophetic man named Noa. After the radiation dissipated, humankind emerged from the Ark and began building thriving civilizations.

However, the fledgling civilization came under attack by a culture called Gorn. Gorn was a culture consisting of the embodiment of machines and artificiality. During the nuclear winter, Gorn was sealed beneath the Earth's crust and emerged when the remaining humans came out of the Ark. Humanity must fight back against Gorn, using ancient weapons unearthed by the new civilization and two "Ultimate Destroyers" known as Hayate and Reppu. The future of Earth is up to its pilots: Kyo and Forn.


Players control either Hayate (Player 1) or Reppu (Player 2)'s ships and fight off enemies while dodging attacks. Each ship has two different main shot types and the weapons are powered up upon collecting P icons which will also give the ship a brief period of invincibility and a powerful horizontal lightning blast.

The game's stage feature separate routes which take the player a different portion of a stage with different enemies. The player can enter an alternate route by activating switches on the background.


  • According to a rumor, Blast Wind was supposed to be released for Arcades before the Saturn. Whether this Arcade version truly existed and if so why it was canceled is still unknown.