Fan Art of the RVR-02B "Brigandine"

The Brigandine (ブリガンダイン Burigandain) is an equipment introduced in Thunder Force V.

A Brigandine is an Extra Body Equipment used by an RVR to enhance its normal power and flight capabilities, along with change an old unit with the new model.

Benefits of a Brigandine Edit

This equipment provides several improvements, including:

  • Enhanced engine power, allowing the RVR to reach the outer space.
  • Self-repairing Nanotechnology to automatically patch up most minor damages to the Vambrace.
  • Extended use of the Over Weapon: The constant stabilization of the radiactive cores within the CRAW units allows the use of the Over Weapon for large periods of time without consuming the CRAWs. In other words: Infinite Over Weapon.
  • A Powerful Energy-absorbing Shield: The shield gives both Brigandine and RVR a chance to take multiple attacks. This works as the life bar of the Brigandine in the game.

Disadvantages of the Brigandine Edit

  • Due to its size, the Brigandine considerably reduces the mobility of the RVR
  • Along with the reduction on mobility, its size also provides a much larger target for enemy weaponry
  • The secondary weapons (Wave, Free Range and Hunter) are locked until the core unit is detached.

Despite it's disadvantages, the many benefits makes a Brigandine-enhanced RVR much more powerful than the original Vasteel.

Brigandine Units Edit

  • RVR-02B "Brigandine": The original Brigandine was created along with its core, the RVR-02 Vambrace, however, it requires the RVR-01 cockpit to be detached from its frame along with the Vambrace's "Fake cockpit" via Cockpit Purge, once it's done, the human pilot takes control of both Vambrace and Brigandine
  • Phoenix Brigandine: This unit is a Two Stage Brigandine composed by two Sub Units. Like the RVR-02B, the Phoenix Brigandine was created at the same time as its core, the RVR-00 "Phoenix". It's weaponry also includes the Sword and Chain Over Weapons, but also a third one; a "Laser Rain" which is fired when the Sub Unit B Parts is detached from the Brigandine. Also, it is the first Brigandine to use a Warp Cruise engine, this was possible thanks to the Sub Unit A Parts.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Brigandine comes from a body armor used in the Middle Ages
  • The reason why the Phoenix Brigandine is unplayable in Thunder Force VI is it's size. If the single stage RVR-02B was already an easy target due to it's size, just think on how hard would be for the player to fly an almost 1/3 screen long ship.
  • The concept and functionality of the Brigandine is very similar to the "S-Unit" from Vapor Trail: Hyper Offence Formation used to increase the firepower of the aircraft.