Targeting radar showing outline of Cerberus

Cerberus is the name of the first commissioned ORN Battleship that appeared in Thunder Force III. It is a large, heavily fortified battle cruiser that acts as the messenger for the ORN Empire. It has since been decommissioned and replaced with the "Volbados".

Role Edit

Thunder Force III Edit

The Fire LEO-03 "Styx" is sent to track down and destroy five cloaking devices located on five unique planets.

After succeeding in accomplishing this task, the Styx travels to the ORN battle cruiser Cerberus, where it engages in a fierce battle against a menagerie of weapons located around the circumference of the whole exterior. Among the many weapons it uses to fight off the Styx is a variety of turrets, ORN fighters, a missile-launching bridge, and even its two large engines exhausting powerful blasts of fire.

Eventually, the tiny starfighter locates and destroys a launcher that releases ORN fighters, and from there, it begins traveling through the narrow interior of the cruiser. Finally, it locates a heavily-armed motherboard and destroys it, which then allows the Styx to be able to find the location of the ORN base, where Khaos lies.

Thunder Force IV Edit

File:Thunder Future Volbados Class Battleship.jpg

The Cerberus returns in Thunder Force IV, this time notably smaller but more powerful than its previous incarnation, it also doubles as a transporter for the Gargoyle Diver and the ORN Faust. This version first appears at the end of Stage 1 "Strite" where it lays hidden under the lake. Upon being "awoken" it emerges and releases the Gargoyle Diver.

It later returns during the 5th level, which mimics the space battle against it in the previous game. This version is destroyed during a last ditch effort to deploy the ORN Faust.

In Thunder Force VI, the RVR-00 "Phoenix" confronts the same class of battleship in Stage 5, there it battles it in a more complex manner than the Rynex did (although it still destroys the engines and circum-strafes the cruiser). In this game, the Cerberus can launch small ORN Fighters.  After successfully destroying the cruiser, the ORN Faust is then deployed like the previous encounter, although the Phoenix successfully destroys its primary body, as well as the Vasteel Nocht.

Trivia Edit

  • The theme for the cruiser, "His Behavior Inspired Us with Distrust", was recycled and used once more when confronting the ORN Faust in Thunder Force VI. "KIN3-CERB" only plays when the player is using either the Rynex-R or the Syrinx.