Thunder Force VI Normal Ending

Thunder Force VI Normal Ending

Simply called Normal Ending, this song is a vocal theme composed by BETTA FLASH for the game Thunder Force VI.

As the song plays, the RVR-00, now transformed into Syrinx, makes its escape from the exploding ORN base after defeating the ORN Emperor. As the ORN energy dissipates from the planet, the Syrinx is escorted by two Rynex-R's, while the TriangleScope reveals more activity from the Guardian, which reveals several Tangut encrypted symbols, then a flashback where planet Earth is seen, then the three ships head to one of the battleships of the Galaxy Federation. After that, a message from the Federation (could be from a pilot or the battleship personnel) is played on the TriangleScope.

Then the credits roll with a bright glowing Guardian's Heart on the background.

To acquire Normal Ending, you must finish game using Phoenix on Normal, Hard or Maniac difficulty. Finishing the game in normal will play a short version of the ending, while Hard and Maniac will play the full ending.

Translation of the Tangut message Edit

Do you not understand our words?

We've been waiting for a long time.

Our lost wings have come back once again.

In the never ending fight against ORN.

The wings that have traveled to the sea of stars and did not return are countless.

But we believed.

No matter how much time has passed, we never lost our wings.

Wings who came from distant stars.

Now, we are there with you.

Let's fly away together.

From our end of the sea of stars, in the midst of crisis, to your star.


By those who inherit the will of Roy and Carol...