Rynex EBW

It's a plane!, It's a bird!, NO!, It's a Vasteel monstrosity!!

The Extra Weapon Bay is an equipment used by Vasteel Original in Thunder Force V, it's the Guardian's version of the RVR-02B "Brigandine" and enhances the Vasteel's power for engage appropiately in single combat against the Brigandine.

Extra Weapon Bay 1Edit

Rynex EBW 01

If Vasteel is an already powerful ship, imagine how formidable would be with that.

This EWB is was built to be larger and obviously stronger than the RVR-02B, it's equipped with 4 superlasers, and powerful versions of Rynex's Hunter. The Vasteel is completely visible in this EWB, just like the Vambrace does in the Brigandine.

Once its destroyed, it goes down with Rynex still connected, but it doesn't mean the end for the Rynex.

Extra Weapon Bay 2Edit

Rynex EBW 02A

It needs more than three large soda cans for destroy the Brigandine!

This EBW partially hides the Vasteel from enemy fire, giving more protection to the ship, it's main weapon consist on charged shots powered by spinning cylinder shaped generators, but when the generators are destroyed, there's a surprise waiting to be revealed to the enemy...

Rynex EBW 02B

Redefines the word "Armed fighter".

...the generators are actually three arms with claws for capture the enemy, but they can be destroyed, leaving the Rynex holder as the only weak point, once it's destroyed, this EBW goes down with Rynex again. But this doesn't mean the end yet. Rynex has one more trick under it's Vasteel sleeve.

Extra Weapon Bay 3Edit

Rynex EBW 03

Behold my power!

This is the final EBW on Rynex's arsenal, like the first one, it leaves the Rynex exposed to enemy fire, but it compenses it with multiple cannons and a screen covering bullet rain from its tail. When this EWB is destroyed its all over, for the Extra Weapon Bay and for Rynex.

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