The Gargoyle is a recurring boss and antagonist that first appears in Thunder Force III, and going on to reappear in every game the ORN Empire is involved in. In all of its appearances, it is always the first boss the player encounters chronologically. In each game, it takes on a different form, although it retains a lizard-like appearance and consistent attacks throughout the series. Unlike most bosses in the Thunder Force Series, the Gargoyle is an organic entity rather than a mechanical one (although it does have mechanical properties and features).

Description Edit

Thunder Force III Edit

The Gargoyle makes its first appearance when it is encountered by the Fire LEO-03 "Styx" on the planet Hydra. Here it is depicted as a bipedal, reptilian cyborg that namely uses fire breathing and shooting fireballs as a form of attacks, all the while walking and jumping back and forth. Its weak spot is the stomach which is indicated by a flashing orb on its lower torso.

Thunder Force IV Edit

In its second appearance, the Gargoyle is encountered by the Fire LEO-04 "Rynex" on Strite Lake. It is now upgraded to adapt to a more aquatic environment and is now called the Gargoyle Diver. It now sports a large, prehensile tail below its torso, which allows it to defend its weak spot from certain danger, as well as being able to fire energy waves at the Rynex, although they can be destroyed by simple firepower. Instead of using fire breath, the Gargoyle Diver substitutes it for a series of blasts of highly pressurized water. About halfway through the battle, the Gargoyle Diver will dive into the lake and throw what appears to be its stomach at the Rynex, it will then emerge and resume attacking the player with this new attack alongside its default ones.

Thunder Force VI Edit

In the latest game of the series, the Gargoyle makes its third appearance on the Jungle stage, this time going by the name Gargoyle Perfect, initially, it will take on the appearance and attack strategy of the Gargoyle Diver from Thunder Force IV, by firing energy waves at the player and swinging its tail as both an offensive and defensive weapon. About halfway through the battle, the giant robot will transform and take on an appearance similar to its original form from Thunder Force III. Its attacks are virtually identical to those from its original appearance, such as using fire breath as a primary weapon, however it will also charge at the player as a new means of attacking. Like its predecessors , the stomach remains as the Gargoyle Perfect's weak point, though it is now further up on its body.