Good Ending (Thunder Force VI)03:46

Good Ending (Thunder Force VI)

Good Ending is a theme composed by Kaneko Tsuyoshi for Thunder Force VI.

It is the ending song for Rynex-R and Syrinx in Normal, Hard and Maniac. The ending itself is a message from Carol T. Mars which tells what happened after the destruction of Vios in Thunder Force IV. The differences between Rynex-R and Syrinx is that Syrinx has japanese subtitles and Rynex-R don't.

Carol tells what happened to her and Rynex after the ship was damaged by the explosion of the Vios fortress, as the ruined Rynex drifts through space, Carol makes a great discovery as she finds and makes contact with new friends: the human race (probably the crew of the Sekika 3 from Thunder Force V) The ending reveals a new Fire LEO ship, which could be an enhanced Rynex or an entirely new model, as it flies to the horizon, ends with the message "THUNDER FORCE VI: THE LEGEND OF WINGS - TO BE CONTINUED", implying that Thunder Force VII will be the next game.

Translation of Carol's transmission Edit

Galaxy Federation, can you hear me?

Galaxy Federation, can you hear me?

This is Major Carol T. Mars...

Galaxy Federation, can you hear me?

Galaxy Federation Army, special fighter RYNEX pilot

I am communicating on subspace line with Lieutenant Roy S. Mercury.

Our fighter, RYNEX, was wrecked during the success of the Vios destruction mission.

At the time, We were drifting in unknown spatial coordinates during our escape into transitional space.

But, we made a great discovery.

I came in contact with a new friend, the human race...!

Galaxy Federation, can you hear me?

I do not know the time difference between you and this transmission.

But, everyone in the Galaxy Federation.

After analyzing the point of origin from this message, please send an investigation team.

We are are waiting at the end of the sea... of stars.

Galaxy Federation, can you hear me?

Galaxy Federation, can you hear me?

This is Major Carol T. Mars...

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