Guardian's Heart

The most powerful Artificial Intelligence on Earth.

Guardian (also called Guardian's Heart) is the name of the Supercomputer and Artificial Intelligence from the videogame Thunder Force V. The Guardian is a supercomputer equipped with the latest in CPU nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, Guardian was designed to study Vasteel and supervise the army of maintenance robots on the artificial island of Babel, where both Guardian and Vasteel were located.

In the Turing Test of evaluating the strength of artificial intelligence, Guardian set a record by solving Hawking's Paradox in two hours and 13 minutes. (REFFI's time of five hours and 28 minutes ranks a close second.)

In 2150, Guardian declared the first of two wars against mankind, now called the First and Second Annihilations. At the end of the conflicts, over one-third of Earth's population had been killed.

The reasons for Guardian's declaration of war are remain unclear, but analysis of the final data streams transmitted from Babel revealed that Guardian went rogue shortly after initiating a probe of Vasteel's holographic memory-storage unit.

Guardian's role in Thunder Force VIEdit

The Guardian's Heart make a short appearance in Thunder Force VI, renamed as Guardians Heart. This time it has a key role in the story, as the Artificial Intelligence installed on the RVR-00 "Phoenix", it was programmed with the coordinates to the Galaxy Federation's homeworld, and erradicated the ORN Influence on the ORN Faust core when the RVR-00 got in contact with during its transformation as the Syrinx. At the end of the game, the Guardian reveals a message written (and spoken) in Tangut, telling the will of Roy and Carol, the pilots of the original Rynex.