The Hunter is one of the many weapons available in the Thunder Force series. First appearing in Thunder Force II, it has appeared in every title since then, and has thus become a signature element of the series.

Description Edit

The Hunter behaves as a fast-moving homing attack made of blue energy orbs. Initially, the weapon would fire straight out from the Fire LEO starfighter into three streams. If any enemies made their presence known, these orbs will seek them out in an attempt to destroy them.

From Thunder Force III onwards, acquiring the CLAW will add an additional two streams, which would provide extra firepower to the starfighter. At this point, the Hunter became a staple weapon to the Fire LEO and the series itself.

In Thunder Force V and VI, the humans use the technology provided from Vasteel Original to create their own series of fighters, with the Hunter being one of the many arsenal of weapons.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hunter appears as a default secondary weapon in the Steam shoot em' up Satazius, alongside other signature weapons from other classic shoot em' ups, such as the laser from the Gradius series.