Start up screen of REFFI

REFFI is a computer program featured in Thunder Force V. It's name is an acronym of REckoning of Fighting Fact Intelligence. Is a program built into each RVR starfighter to prevent Guardian from disabling its navigational systems with nuclear pulses, computer viruses, or any other forms of invasive infiltration.
The artificial-intelligence algorithms built into REFFI are essentially the same as the ones used in Guardian, allowing REFFI to anticipate and counteract Guardian's methods of attack.

REFFI also enhances the control of the RVR. Each starfighter is encoded with the brainwave patterns of its pilot, which the program analyzes and incorporates into its programming. REFFI is thus able to anticipate the pilot's actions and maneuvers in battle and tweak the starfighter's performance accordingly.

There's three versions of REFFI in Thunder Force V.

  • Ver. 1.02 Production Model
  • Trial Type 1.03 (This is the RVR-01 installed version)
  • Ver. 1.04 (Used by the Digital Viewer in Thunder Force V: Perfect System)


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