Gauntlet Analysis

Exploded view of the RVR-01

In the Thunder Force series, RVR is an acronym for "Refined "Vasteel" Replica", and are the new fighters featured in Thunder Force V and Thunder Force VI. With the discovery of Vasteel, mankind delved into its secrets through reverse-engineering and created these fighters as their last line of defense against the Guardian and its Vasteel Technology weapons.

List of RVR's from the Thunder Force seriesEdit

RVR-01 "Gauntlet"Edit

  • First Appearance: Thunder Force V, Thunder Force V: Perfect System
    RVR-01 Gauntlet 01

    RVR-01 "Gauntlet"

This was the first RVR Production Model, designed as a duplicate of Vasteel, whose cockpit was missing on the original design, so it was redesigned from scratch.

There are four variations of the RVR-01;

  • The original version (Blue)
  • The RVR-01E with enhanced mass productivity (Green). Its offensive power is at 37.5% compared to the original RVR-01, but when used, the player earns two times as many points when destroying enemies. It can be used by holding the triangle button on controller 2 while selecting the initial stages (bosses in boss rush mode).
  • The RVR-01HiS with enhanced speed and mobility (Red). It is around two times faster than the original with a speed rating of 218.75% and a slight increase in offensive power at 112.5%. Usable by holding the circle button on controller 2 while selecting the initial stages (bosses in boss rush mode).
    • Trivia: The HiS's color scheme has somewhat of a resemblance to Vasteel. In addition, HiS is an abbreviation for "High Speed", referring to its enhanced speed and mobility.
  • The RVR-01Ex with major improvements in all categories (Purple). The statement about it having major improvements in all categories is somewhat of a stretch, as its speed rating is at 37.5%, much slower than even the original. In addition, it could only accommodate two CRAWs at a time, one less than the other RVR-01 models. However, where it shines, is that its offensive power is uprated to 175%, and its CRAW recovery rating is at 150%. It can only be used by holding down the square button on controller 2 while selecting the initial stages (bosses in boss rush mode)
    • Note: The RVR-01Ex is listed as being black in the texture viewer, and because of it, it is sometimes depicted as having a black trim.

According to the game, there are seven RVR-01s, but the player controls the one piloted by Cenes Crawford.

RVR-02 "Vambrace"Edit

  • First Apperance: Thunder Force V, Thunder Force V: Perfect System
    RVR-02 Vambrace 06

    RVR-02 "Vambrace"

There were concerns within the World Unified Government about developing a "replica" of Vasteel before all of its technology was completely understood. Thus, a second development program was launched, in which Vasteel and human technologies would be combined into a small, ultra-mobile starfighter.

Unfortunately, the Vambrace was so advanced that the same amount of manpower and resources required to build a single ship could be used to build dozens of RVR-01s. There were also serious problems in the flight-testing phase, which resulted in the loss of several prototypes. As a result, the Government had put the Vambrace program on indefinite suspension to concentrate its efforts on the production of the RVR-01.

The RVR-02 is also the first RVR capable of breaking the "walls" between reality and the virtual universe of a computer by physically entering the inner data space of the Judgement Sword.

RVR-02B "Brigandine"Edit

Main Article: Brigandine

  • First Appearance: Thunder Force V, Thunder Force V: Perfect System

    RVR-02B Brigandine

The Brigandine is an Extra Body Weapon Equipment with the Vambrace chassis bundled to it as its "Core". This equipment provides several improvements to the RVR, but due to its size, the Brigandine reduces the mobility of the RVR and provides a much larger target for enemy weaponry, but the many benefits makes a Brigandine-enhanced RVR fighter much more powerful than the original Vasteel.

The RVR-02B was used during the battle against the Sword Fleet in Earth's orbit, and it was able to defeat Vasteel Original with and without its Extra Weapon Bay.

RVR-03G "Sword Breaker"Edit

Designed to be the third entry in the RVR series, it never made an appearance in the game due to its cancellation, however, it is mentioned on the title of one of the tracks of Broken Thunder: Project Thunder Force VI, which is the only evidence of the "existence" of this ship.

RVR-00 "Phoenix"Edit

Third entry on the RVR series, and the first RVR ship made with "Refined Vasteel Technology". Although its model code is set before the RVR-01 "Gauntlet", the Phoenix is more advanced than its predecessor, the RVR-02 "Vambrace". This next-generation trial production fighter is a multipurpose ship that was put to the test against the ORN forces. It can battle independently without any need for supporting forces, although it could use a Brigandine unit like the RVR-02 does, the RVR-00 is able to absorb energy from various attacks by ORN forces and perform a CRAW macromolecule assist.

This RVR series ship is also the first of its kind capable of leaving the atmosphere of Earth (and any other planets) without using a Brigandine. The RVR-00 was originally built from the remains of an unidentified ship, however this information is kept top secret by the military. In one of the reports unlocked as the game is played through, it states that the name Phoenix was originally the name given to mankind's first warp-capable cruise ship.

Later on in the game, the RVR-00 undergoes a major transformation by coming into contact with ORN Faust's core.

The pilot of the RVR-00 is first identified as "C=CTNs=C", but it was later revealed to be Cenes Crawford, or at least a clone of her.

The RVR-00 is also the first RVR whose name isn't related with medieval armor parts, the name "Phoenix" comes from the mythical bird related with immortality and resurrection, which is appropiate as this new RVR is the revival of Vasteel Technology and the RVR program.

Phoenix BrigandineEdit

  • First Appearance: Thunder Force VI (PlayStation 2)
Phoenix Brigandine

Phoenix Brigandine battling ORN forces on Earth.

Like the RVR-02, the Phoenix can be equipped with a Brigandine module. It was seen during the battle in Earth orbit against ORN's Volbados fleet in the opening sequence of Thunder Force VI. Unlike the Vambrace's "one-stage" Brigandine, the Phoenix Brigandine is a two-stage equipment consisting of two Sub Units, making it 50% larger than the RVR-02B.

The Phoenix Brigandine weaponry seems to be the same as the Vambrace Brigandine, the Over Weapons of the Twin Shot and Rail Gun. At the end of the battle to lift the siege of Earth, the Phoenix ejected Sub Part B and detonated it in the midst of the ORN fleet, dealing massive damage on the invaders.

Since the RVR is capable of reaching space without a Brigandine, the Phoenix Brigandine's function is more to provide extra firepower.

Broken ThunderEdit

In the Doujin game Broken Thunder, the RVR ships make an appearance, but unlike the ones from the official Thunder Force games, the RVR acronym doesn't stand for Refined Vasteel Replica, so they are non-canonical in the Thunder Force storyline.

List of RVR's from Broken ThunderEdit

RVR-03G1 "Bracer"Edit

RVR-03G1 Bracer 01

Third Party RVR: Party On!

On the RVR-03G1, RVR stands for "Rebellion Vector Reproduction", it is the main fighter of the 13 Constellations ARKS Force. Its pilot is Sonya T. Soroka.

RVR-03G2 "Broken Thunder"Edit

RVR-03G2 Broken Thunder 01

Broken Thunder, from the eponymous doujin shmup.

The "Reincarnation Vecter Reproduction Guardian Gemini", is the upgraded form of the Bracer, during the battle with the 4th boss, the Bracer is damaged, leaving the pilot with no choice but to send a signal to the RVR-03G2, starting a cockpit purge in both ships, and attaching the Bracer cockpit to Broken Thunder.