The RVR-00 "Phoenix" is one of the protagonist ships in Thunder Force VI, the sixth (and so far final) entry in the series. It is the third model in the RVR series, and the first RVR created with Refined Vasteel Technology. Despite it's entry number, it is actually more advanced than the RVR-01 Gauntlet and RVR-02 Vambrace. Despite having a corresponding Brigandine module available, the Phoenix does not need it to achieve orbit from any planetary atmosphere, thus making it the first in the RVR series that is truly an aerospace fighter.

History Edit

Thunder Force VI Edit

When the ORN Empire tracks down and begins an invasion against Earth, humans uncover the remnants of the original Vasteel technology from the battle against the Guardian supercomputer, including that of the once mighty Rynex. From this technology, and a recent message for help from the Galaxy Federation, the humans form an alliance with the Federation in an attempt to bring an end to the ORN Empire once and for all. They use a refined version of the original Vasteel technology to construct a new powerful starfighter to combat the omnicidal forces of ORN, that starfighter being the Phoenix. The pilot is first known as "C=CTNs=C", but it was later revealed to be Cenes Crawford, or at least a clone of her.

The Phoenix eventually succeeds in a battle against the ORN Faust and the Vasteel Nocht but ends up undergoing a major transformation by absorbing Faust's core, creating a technological hybrid known as the Syrinx.

Weaponry Edit

Standard Weapons Edit

The RVR-00's weapons are very similar to those of the RVR's 01 and 02. One of those differences is the Wave Shot, which is a three way shot similar to the Wave used by Fire LEO-03 "Styx" in Thunder Force III, the Free Range is slightly different than the original since the "Range level of damage" was removed.

Over Weapon Edit

The Over Weapon of the RVR-00 is more advanced than it's predecessors as the CRAW units can duplicate or triplicate the strength of the Over Weapon, this is possible thanks to the Macromolecule Assist, which uses the absorbed ORN energy to fill up to 6 gauges, this allows the RVR to fire the Over Weapon and power it up if its necessary. However there's a disadvantage on the Phoenix Over Weapon system- the fighter is reduced to 25% of its top speed when firing those weapons.

Phoenix Brigandine Edit

Like the RVR-02, the RVR-00 is the second RVR which uses a Brigandine equipment, although the Phoenix's Brigandine is twice as long than the original RVR-02B since the Phoenix Brigandine is a Two-stage equipment composed of two Sub Units.

Since the RVR-00 isn't originally equipped with a Photon Rifle, the Phoenix takes it from the Brigandine.

Navigation System Edit

Unlike the Gauntlet or Vambrace, the Phoenix doesn't use the REFFI application, instead it uses the Guardian's Heart as both AI and Navigation System. All activity signals coming from the Guardian can be monitored by an app called TriangleScope. Another technology bundled on the RVR is IMPORT, however it's purpose is unknown.