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When it's ruined forever you can not Try to Next Chance, keep that in mind.

Fans realize something Tecno Soft does not, that robust million-seller franchise, while seemingly healthy, are in actuality as fragile as two bricks tied together with tissue paper. One mistake, one bad mis-step will cause the entire thing to shatter and fall apart; and Thunder Force would be ruined forever.

Fortunately, part of the shmuppers has resolved to remain "ever vigilant" against something that could Ruin Thunder Force Forever, and call out a warning if they see something that could potentially do so.

Some Thunder Force conservationists suggest a more extreme approach, that Thunder Force franchise should abandon all attempts at re-invention and instead cater exclusively to the old-school fans. Though attractive, this approach may prove impractical as a long-term solution.

"Ruined Forever" remains a serious threat to Thunder Force now and in the foreseeable future, though it's possible a proposed initiative requiring all Thunder Force fans to purchase an annual "Vasteel offset" could ensure our fragile brand's existence through the mid-21st century.

Things that have Ruined Thunder Force Forever in the pastEdit

In other words, pretty much everything...

Things that have countered thoseEdit

  • Tsukumo Hyakutaro and his excellent music
  • Thunder Force V Perfect System has faster loading times, easter eggs, better sound and more unlockable features that the Saturn version lacks.
  • Broken Thunder's CG Cutscenes surpases doujin game standards
  • The Over Weapon can be powered up three times, slowdown is a price to pay for power.
  • Styx Rev.2's concept probably evolved as Rynex-R.
  • Rynex is revived and redeems itself in Thunder Force VI.
  • Syrinx was rescued from being discarded and forgotten.
  • Syrinx looks like a Fire LEO with the new colors.
  • Team-up of veteran shoot-em' up composers on Thunder Force VI's soundtrack
  • Garow can be busy with his everyday life, but Thunder Future is still alive and well.
  • Thunder Force is often considered one of most well reconized series in Shoot' Em Up genre, alongside Gradius, Galaga, and Space Invaders.

Things that with no doubt will Ruin Thunder Force Forever in the futureEdit

This page is based on the Transformers Wiki article "Ruined FOREVER", which is licensed under the GFDL.

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