Sanae Kochiya, as seen on Touhou Project's "Ten Desires".

Sanae Kochiya (東風谷 早苗 (こちや さなえ) Kochiya Sanae) is a character from the Touhou Project series of doujin games made by Team Shanghai Alice, making her first appearance in Mountain of Faith. She also made an apparance on other fan-made doujin games unrelated to Touhou Project, one of them is the Thunder Force V clone Thunder Faith.


Sanae Kochiya is a human, but is also a distant descendant of a god, Suwako Moriya. Her role at the Moriya Shrine is similar to a Shrine Maiden, but with her inherited power Sanae has become more like a deity herself. When humans on the outside world began losing their faith in her and Kanako Yasaka, the shrine's official deity, Kanako decided to move the shrine to Gensokyo where at least youkai might have faith in them. Sanae is also a friend of Reimu and Marisa. But Reimu sees Sanae also as a rival, because they are both Shrine Maidens.


  • Sanae's colors heavily resembles those of the RVR's, mostly of the RVR-02 "Vambrace" and the later RVR-00 "Phoenix". The green hair is the cockpit, the shirt is the RVR-02/RVR-00's main body, and the sleeves are the CRAW Control Systems, their wings, or both at the same time. The blue skirt could be considered a resemblance to the Brigandine of both RVRs, specially when Sanae is depicted with a long dress.
  • This might be the idea that inspired Yuyusansan to create the "Touhou Force V" doujin game Thunder Faith.


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