Storm Caliber Gaiden Gameplay

Tonight on Earth Side News: Thunder Force's "Anti-Satellite" Protocol.

Storm Caliber Gaiden: Counter Attack of Verrier (Storm Caliber 外伝) is a Doujin game created by S.S.P.

This game is a vertical shmup that features the ships from Thunder Force V as playable characters.


The player can select one of three available ships, each one with different attacks, and with a "Range" (known as C.W.S. on the green gauge), this attack is activated when a bullet scratches the ship, in a very similar way to the Bullet-scratching scoring of Raiden Fighters.


The game features the ships of Thunder Force V as the main ships.

LLR-0 "Successor"Edit

This green cockpited Rynex features a wide shot and a powerful Range Shot, of all the ships, this one is the "Balanced" type of fighter made for average players

LLR-1 "Grandevina"Edit

The RVR-01 "Gauntlet" LLR-01 is perhaps the most powerful ship in the game, with a stronger version of Successor's Wide Shot and Range attacks, It's powerful, but also the slowest ship in the game.

LLR-2 "Vanadeise"Edit

This renamed RVR-02 "Vambrace" may be the weakest ship in firepower terms, but it was made for one thing: Speed, with 4/7 in Speed and Rapid, it stands above the LLR-0 and LLR-1