Styx Rev.2

Garow's illustration of the Styx Rev.2

The Styx Rev.2 was a ship that was meant to appear in Thunder Force VI on the Dreamcast.

Unfortunately, beacuse of the cancellation of the game, the ship was discarded.


Styx Rev.2 is to be an identical copy of the original Fire LEO-03 "Styx", it was the second ship in the game to feature an RVR-like blue and white colorscheme with a green cockpit, which like the Fire LEO-05P "Syrinx" will makes us think again on an Earth Side-Galaxy Federation collaboration on its development. It's total crew is unknown, but it was highly probable that the ship was double seated like the original Styx.

Additional DataEdit

  • Styx Rev.2 VS Syrinx

    Styx Rev.2 and Syrinx as seen on the Dreamcast "Opening" of Thunder Force VI

    Because of the cancellation of the game, little to nothing is known about the Styx Rev.2. It was briefly seen on the teaser trailer as a shadowed ship with an additional Brigandine-like equipment, but in a more "compact" design. The shadowing gave a possible hint of being one of the potential antagonists in this game, it could be piloted by Earth/Galaxy Federation desertors/traitors, or simply ORN pilots. However, is also seen (unshadowed and without equpment) flying along the Syrinx, which implies to be one of the selectable ships, this could also imply that the "Equipped" Styx was intended to be an unlockable variant for the player.
  • The identity of the pilots will remain a mystery due to the game's cancellation.
  • The concept of an enhanced variant of a previous ship was retaken on Thunder Force VI in the form of the Fire LEO-04C "Rynex-R", the mass produced variant of the original Rynex.

Broken Thunder Manga Ver. Edit


In October 15, The author released sketches of Styx Rev.2 on twitter. What we can know from the sketches is that the ship design is slightly different than the original by its body. As of right now, we do not know any information about Styx Rev.2 since the author hasn't release any information about it yet.