Thunder Force Renaissance

Energy is lighting up the sky!

Thunder Force Renaissance is an album consisting of arranged orchestrated versions of the music from the Thunder Force series, specially Thunder Force V and Thunder Force VI/Broken Thunder.

It was released by Akindoh in May 5th, 2005


  1. Rising Blue Lightning (Orchestra arrange) 2:33
  2. Legendary Wings (Orchestra arrange) 5:04
  3. Steel Of Destiny (Orchestra arrange) 3:40
  4. The Justice Ray Part.2 (Orchestra arrange) 2:14
  5. FIRE-LEO-05P Syrinx (Orchestra arrange) 3:48
  6. Last Letter (Orchestra arrange) 7:49
  7. Season Of Beginnings (Original) 5:26


All music was composed by Tsukumo Hyakutaro and arranged by Akindoh except track 7, which was an original composition by Akindoh.