Vasteel Nocht - Forming ORN Styx

Vasteel Nocht is the 5th boss of Thunder Force VI, it consists of oversized versions of the player ships from the previous three games of the series.

Extra mimicry arms of the orn empire.

The mimicry orn-faust styx.

The mimicry orn-fasut rynex.

The mimicry orn-faust gauntlet.


During the battle against the Cerberus II battleship, ORN Faust appears for fight the player. Once it's destroyed, it's core is caught by what appears to be the cockpit of a giant fighter which begins to assemble itself taking the form of a very familiar ship.

ORN-Faust StyxEdit

ORN-Faust Styx

ORN-Faust Styx

The first form of Vasteel Nocht is a large version of the Fire LEO-03 "Styx" from Thunder Force III, is twice as bigger than the player's ship. Its main weapons are the Twin Shot and missiles. Once the ORN Faust Styx is destroyed, it disassembles and merges with the parts of a bigger ship, think of this as a giant "ORN Faust sandwich".

ORN-Faust RynexEdit

ORN-Faust Rynex

ORN-Faust Rynex

Second form of Vasteel Nocht, a larger version of the Fire LEO-04 "Rynex" from Thunder Force IV, the ship is three times larger than the player's ship. Its weapons are a 3-way Blade, a slow paced Free-way Missiles and a 6-way Rail Gun. Once this gigantic Rynex is destroyed it merges with even bigger parts, finishing with this ORN sandwich.

ORN-Faust GauntletEdit

ORN-Faust Gauntlet

ORN-Faust Gauntlet

Third and final form of Vasteel Nocht, a gigantic version of the RVR-01 "Gauntlet" from Thunder Force V. It's six times larger than the player's ship, and it's main weapons are twin Sword Over Weapons, a primitive version of the Free Range, and a Non-homing Hunter (each energy discharge will track the player's ship once but will not re-attack if it misses).

After the ORN Gauntlet is destroyed, it's the end for Vasteel Nocht, however, depending on which ship was selected, the final outcome of the battle will differ:

  • If the player's ship is the RVR-00: Vasteel Nocht explodes and ORN Faust' core would come in contact with the Phoenix, merging with it resulting in the creation of the Syrinx.
  • If the player's ship is the Rynex-R or Syrinx: Vasteel Nocht explodes and ORN Faust's core simply vanishes in the explosion, then the Stage Clear message appears and the ship flies to the next stage.


Vasteel Nocht Sketch

Concept sketch from Vasteel Nocht, originally concieved as an ORN original design.

  • The camera angles of the assembled forms are a reference to the title screens of each game where the original Thunder Force ships appeared.
  • Each form has an arrangement of the title screens and openings of the previous games.
  • It is not explained how the ORN Empire got information about the existance of the RVR-01, since Gauntlet (and Vambrace), along with all the Earth-made Vasteel Technology was destroyed 10 years before their invasion.
  • It is the first Non-Earth enemy which uses the Earth-made term "Vasteel".
  • The original Vasteel Nocht was intended as an ORN made Fire LEO fighter, later changed to the oversized versions of Styx, Rynex and Gauntlet.
  • The concept of a gigantic version of the player's ship is similar to the Mother Hawk from the Darius series.
  • The ORN Rynex variant is the only form of the Vasteel Nocht that can actually face off against the actual spacecraft itself, as one can play as the Rynex-R (A modified version of the original craft consisting of several of the original parts) to defeat it.