Thunder Future Volbados Class Battleship

Concept CG of an ORN Battleship for Thunder Future.

The Volbados are the new model of battle cruisers of the ORN Empire.

This ship was introduced in Thunder Force IV at the end of Stage 1 "Strite" and the 5th level "Volbados" as the ship was the stage itself. It acts as a successor battle cruiser to the Cerberus in Thunder Force III. Along with is function as battleship, it also works as a carrier. This ships can launch small ORN Fighters (seen in Thunder Force VI), W-ALEN fighting armors and transport and deploy Gargoyle Diver and the ORN Faust.

In Thunder Force VI, the RVR-00 "Phoenix" confronts the same class of battleship in Stage 5, there it battles it in a more complex manner than the Rynex did (although it still destroys the engines and circus-strafes the cruiser). After successfully destroying the cruiser, the ORN Faust is then deployed like the previous encounter, although the Phoenix successfully destroys its primary body, as well as the Vasteel Nocht.

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