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Wolf Brandish, as seen in "Broken Thunder"

Wing Maj. Wolf Brandish, also known as "Knight 2", is one of the members of the combat unit Thunder Force 222, this year old pilot is known by his callsign "Redeemer", he's one of the RVR-01 "Gauntlet" pilots who fought in the war against the Guardian.


Born on January 18, 2137 in the United States city of Neo-San Francisco, Wolf is the Jr. Flight Officer of Thunder Force 222 and Sky Col. Crawford's wingman. Wolf is the only member of the flight team to not be a Circulate Death pilot. Despite his lack of experience that his fellow pilots own, he is unmatched in his skills piloting the RVR-01. He has been on the "Gauntlet" project since it's planning and development stages as it's lead avionics researcher. In addition, his knowledge of REFFI. is second to none. In prior skirmishes with Guradian's forces, he has demonstrated a vigilance and leadership ability, along with his fierce loyalty, that has earned him the nickname "Schwartzer Hund" by Col. Crawford. In early briefings, Wolf has been the pick among the top U.E.G. Military Brass and his fellow wingmen to be the one to pilot the RVR-02 "Vambrace" into orbit for the final assault on the Sword Fleet, but his RVR-01 suffered several damage and stress, making it unable to detach the cockpit to connect to the RVR-02B "Brigandine", leaving that task to Col. Crawford.

Broken ThunderEdit

Wolf Brandish appears in the doujin game Broken Thunder as the pilot of the Fire LEO-05VC "Syrex" in the 13 Constellations ARKS Force team, he is the wingman of Sonya T. Soroka, pilot of the RVR-03G "Bracer".